The tallest adult star in the world reveals that she is dating one of her fans


Rocky Emerson is regarded as the tallest female adult star in the world as she stands at 6’3, and she recently revealed that she is now dating one of her fans in a strange turn of events.

She explained that after he sent her a direct message, he managed to impress her but she had to set some very strict rules for their relationship early on.

“I made him call me my legal name immediately,” she said. “I told him was like I am not the porn star that you’re obsessed with, I’m a person. you can date me … but also I am that person, just not for you”.

Rocky Emerson opens up on relationship

Rocky told podcaster Holly Randall that she takes a mischievous delight in telling people who ask her if she’d ever hook up with a fan, saying “I’m dating one”.

“He was a fan of mine for years,” Rocky says. He messaged her for a while, then stopped for around a year because he had found himself a girlfriend and “he’s a good boy”.

“But he messaged me on Instagram – and I ignored it – and then sent me a meme. Eventually it was like four messages. They were spread out, it wasn’t just ‘hello’ ‘hello’ ‘hello’ ‘hello’…

“But he sent me a meme that did relate to me, and I liked it and so I wrote back – because I check my message requests!

“It’s so rare that I’ll answer one”. “I didn’t block him, because we had we’re both from San Diego and he was followed by some of my friends…”

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