The new Fist of the North Star soda will give you a tingle in your head, but it probably won’t explode


“You’re already playing.”

There are many martial arts anime and manga, fist of the north star stands out in two respects. One is a post-apocalyptic setting and the other is When the main character Kenshiro unleashes his full power, the villains who take the punch literally explode..

However, it does not explode immediately. The delayed effect gives the bad guys time to start giggling that Kenshiro’s punches didn’t hurt at all.But as the villain laughs, he begins to notice a tingling sensation that grows and grows until -boom- his head explodes.

And now that sequence is the inspiration for a refreshing new soft drink.

Japanese convenience store chain family mart I created something called Fist of the North Star Shuwapachi Jelly Drink (or “fizz pop gelatin drink”). Just as a martial artist must train to master advanced techniques, it takes a little effort to perfect this drink. Shuwa Pachi jelly drink comes in 2 bags. shuwashuwa powder and one is crackling powderWhen mixed into a ‘soda’ flavored (Japanese confectionary term for light citrus/apple cider) beverages, it adds a fizzy sizzle and a popping, candy-like kick.

▼ It’s like a Hakuretsu Hokuto no Ken party is held in your mouth, and Kenshiro is invited too!

“You’re already playing, aren’t you?” In the promotional image above, Kenshiro says: There are three types of package designs, each with the name of the actual line drawn. fist of the north staris currently celebrating its 40th anniversary as a manga debut.

“Fist of the North Star Shuwa Pachi Jelly Drink” is on sale for 278 yen.

sauce: family mart, PR Times
Top image: FamilyMart
Image inserted: FamilyMart, PR Times
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