The legends of Jagadhatri Puja

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The autumn season in Bengal and elsewhere brings numerous festivities and time for happiness, as it’s crammed with one competition after the opposite.
Jagadhatri Puja is among the essential festivals celebrated after Durga Puja, Laxmi and Kali Puja within the month of Kartik. Devotees worship and rejoice reincarnation of Goddess Durga within the identify of Jagadhatri and create the luxurious ambiance with excessive festive spirits. Jagaddhatri is referred as one other identify of Durga. In Sanskrit, Bengali and Assamse the phrase ‘Jagaddhatri’ actually means ‘Holder (dhatri) of the World (Jagat)’. The cult of Goddess Jagadhatri is straight derived from Tantra the place she is a logo of sattva moreover being Durga and Kali, symbolising respectively Rajas and Tamas — all three fundamental elements of Hindu philosophy.
The legends related

The 2 cities of West Bengal are well-known for the worshiping of this goddess, particularly Krishnanagar (Nadia District) and Chandannagar (Former French colony, Hooghly District a small city, 30 km north of Kolkata) are very particular when it comes to their grandeur and recognition. Although, these days, Chandannagar shows far more opulence throughout this Puja, Krishnanagar, has a particular historic significance within the creation of Jagadhatri Puja. In keeping with legend, Krishnachandra Ray, the raja of Krishnanagar of the Nadia District, was the one launched the general public worship of goddess Jagaddhatri.
As soon as, Raja Krishnachandra, was captured by Siraj, the then ruling emperor, for defaulting taxes. When he was launched from the jail, whereas returning by boat from Murshidabad to Nadia (this was on the time of the autumn Durga Puja), he heard the sound of the drums on the boat, signifying that it was the tenth or final day of the puja, and he, a religious follower of Durga, was depressed at lacking the festivities.
Later that night, he had a imaginative and prescient of the goddess Durga, showing as a toddler, she informed him to worship her in a single month, on the ninth day of the intense fortnight within the month of Kartik, and likewise stated that this might convey the identical blessings from her. Later, whereas discussing this incident with the household priest, he was informed that, this the truth is was the goddess Jadadhatri. Krishnachandra ordered an artist to create a statue of the goddess Jagaddhatri, and he worshiped it with nice splendor on the appointed time.
If one is to go by this legend, worship of Jagaddhatri was launched throughout the center of the eighteenth century. Because the modern literature doesn’t point out the puja nonetheless, it’s possible that extra public worship was begun later. The custom, of worshipping Jagadhatri, remains to be adopted in Krishnanagar Rajbari, with equal respite.
The competition was later initiated by Sarada Devi, Sri Ramakrishna’s spouse who was believed to be reincarnation of the Goddess and nonetheless noticed with excessive spirits within the facilities of the Ramakrishna Mission everywhere in the world. The puja was propagated as ‘Shakti Puja’, to beat evils in our minds, and devils exist within the society.
The Puja is popularly known as because the reincarnation of Goddess Durga, the savior to destroy evil and set peace on the earth.
One historical model of creation of “Jagadhartri Devi” sayings is that after killing the satan Mahisasura Devi Durga was ignored by all gods and so they celebrated the victory by placing all credit of their identify as Devi Durga was created by assimilating the ability of all Gods.
Fumed by insult Devi Durga secretly throws a grass leaf to them. Indra (the god of thunder), Vayu (the god of air), Agni (the god of fireplace) and Varun (the god of rain) all tried to destroy the grass leaf however they failed and Devi Durga lastly got here in entrance of all Gods in her new look. All Gods admitted that this vivid lovely Devi with 4 palms is none aside from Goddess Jagadhatri, the Lord of the earth.
One other view says that throughout the conflict, satan Mahisasura modified his look in lots of type to confuse and decoy Devi Durga. When the satan took the type of an elephant Devi appeared with 4 palms together with a lion. That look is named Jagadhatri. Goddess Jagadhatri killed the satan elephant together with her lethal weapon known as Chakra.
Right here instead of Mahisasura, elephant is the satan. In Sanskrit elephant is named ‘Kari’ and for a similar the satan killed by Jagadhatri is named ‘Karindrasura’.
Description of Devi
Not like Devi Durga, whereas worshiping Jagadhatri Devi there isn’t a Laxmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesh current with Jagadhatri. Solely Jaya and Vijaya current.
The idol is made like that of Goddess Durga as Goddess Jagadhatri is depicted in Tantra and Purana as having the colour of the morning solar, three-eyed and 4 arms holds a conch and a bow in her two left palms and in her two proper palms, a chakra and a five-headed arrow and her mount is a lion.
Conch is the image of brilliance and purity, chakra destroys the evil spirit, whereas arrow /shaft signify knowledge and bow represents focus of thoughts. The Goddess thus brings the spirit of knowledge, and marks the auspicious time, as per Hindu calendar.
Not like Devi Durga, she is entangled by a snake on her neck, thus, signifying, combat towards all odds in life.The idol of goddess is decked up fantastically by pink garments and ornaments. The goddess can also be offered garland across the neck.
The Celebration:
The competition of Jagaddhatri Puja is well known within the splendid method on the ninth day of the moonlit fortnight within the month of Kartik or November and the date depends upon the Bengali calendar. This 12 months, celebrations are scheduled to happen on November 5.
Passages from Chandi, the sacred textual content, are recited on this present day and later the picture of the goddess is immersed as in Durga Puja.
Devotees collect collectively to worship the Goddess presents puja to Jagadhatri Devi following the identical rituals of Durga puja, besides ‘Badhan’. Saptami, Astami and Navami puja use to supply at Navami Tithi and rejoice the event with full devotion.
In Delhi additionally it’s celebrated at variety of locations together with New Delhi Kali Bari the nerve heart of Bengali arts and tradition.
Jagadhatri Puja marks the top of the Hindu festivals, for the calendar 12 months. Devotees once more begin counting the times, for the subsequent festive season.

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