Studying or sightseeing?

Learning or sightseeing?

It was extremely spectacular of our Chief Minister to have the ability to deal with college students and representatives from main tech giants on the HAAS College of Enterprise in Berkeley, USA  just lately. However what was not so spectacular is {that a} bunch of NPP MLAs from Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh attended a coaching program at Oxford College. Despite the fact that the Chief Minister clarified that the bills for the journey have been borne by the respective MLA from his or her personal pocket, but the intention of the journey left me bewildered. There have been no reviews within the media in regards to the consequence of the MLA’s sojourn in London. Let’s hope that the MLAs have been enlightened by their whirlwind tour of the U.Ok. A extra constructive consequence would have been if our MLAs spend their hard-earned cash visiting international locations that can broaden their worldviews and in addition assist them be extra productive legislators.
The world is at a stage the place inequality reigns supreme. Only a few wealthy international locations at present might boast of fairness of their respective societies. The seen exception nevertheless is the financial state of affairs within the Nordic international locations. A rustic like Norway can stand tall in the case of the query of fairness. Norway is likely one of the richest international locations on the earth and it additionally options excessive within the record of nations with probably the most equitable distribution of revenue. Taking the 2 most generally used measure of inequality, the Gini Co environment friendly and the Palma ratio, Norway options within the prime three international locations. A Gini coefficient of zero signifies excellent equality whereas a Gini coefficient of 1 signifies excellent inequality. Norway’s Gini coefficient is 0.26 which signifies a excessive rating in the case of revenue distribution. The US’s Gini coefficient then again is 0.41 which signifies that revenue distribution is skewed extra in favor of the wealthy. The Palma ratio then again focuses on the distinction between these within the prime and backside revenue brackets. In the case of the Palma ratio, Norway ranked second. And to prime all of it, Norway ranked third within the World Happiness Report 2019.So all in all, if there’s a nation on the earth the place our revered representatives can go to and go on a studying expertise, then it’s undoubtedly a rustic like Norway. And if our revered MLAs wants a Ted speak on incorporating manangement and enterprise abilities into modern-day governance, now we have a administration institute par excellence in our personal yard! However then a go to to our personal establishment wouldn’t have been a gorgeous sightseeing tour!
Yours and so forth.,
Gary Marbaniang,
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Jowai freeway a demise entice   
Touring alongside the nationwide freeway in direction of Jowai was as soon as upon a time a great drive. However the current torrential rain has resulted within the freeway turning right into a demise entice for unsuspecting commuters and in addition a pathetic website for guests. The Ministry of Street and Floor Transport had issued a round that places the onus of street development and restore work on the contractor and the situation that if the development of the roads will not be on top of things there’s a hefty penalty resulting in the contractor or firm being blacklisted. The Chief Minister and his cupboard colleagues ought to drive down and see with their very own eyes how public funds have been spent with none accountability. The state PWD division has quite a few its officers who commute from Jowai to Shillong  together with the Deputy Commissioner so maybe they’re feigning ignorance or simply too busy with their very own gadgets to deal with the issue. Isn’t this a violation of street and public security?
Yours and so forth..
Dominic S. Wankhar

Scary fireworks and Laxmi Puja 
If one desires to attach Hindu tradition with the mindless bursting of crackers and boisterous enjoyable then he’s completely incorrect. There isn’t a point out in any a part of the voluminous scriptures, of fireworks blasting through the Pujas which t “upset” the concord of peace and tranquility of others. To disturb others’ tranquility falls below the heading of vices. Preserving the sanctity of the surroundings, and extra importantly, interior purity of thoughts and coronary heart is the “prime doctrine” of SANATAN DHARMA which is popularly often called Hinduism. This Hindu tradition now seemingly runs the danger of getting been outlined by different communities with what will not be very nice to listen to.
I’ve overheard many poisonous feedback towards this blatant desecration of auspicious Puja celebrations. Throughout Holi competition, many individuals worry to maneuver out of their properties, significantly within the plain areas. You is likely to be blasted with a bucketful of soiled water by pranksters from the fifth ground of the constructing. Is that this sadism a part of the Puja and Holi celebration? One is afraid, with every passing 12 months, this competition of coloration of pleasure, although having robust religious significance, has solely painted the very face of Hindu tradition with vulgarity and depravity.
In actual fact peace in a single’s life and the hassle to assist deliver peace in others’ lives is actually the basic foundation of Hindu tradition and festivals. Virtually talking, there isn’t any devotion to God with out peace.  Due to this fact, “Shanti” is likely one of the most paramount peace mantras in Sanskrit, not “Ashanti” which, of late, is the hallmark of such Hindu Puja celebrations. The profound goal behind this peace mantra even impressed one of many best poets of the 20th Century – TS Eliot who underlined it with the aim of life which he introduced out in his epic poem – The Wasteland. That poem lastly ends with the identical peace mantra — Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
 It shouldn’t be misunderstood that Hinduism disapproves of all types of enjoyable and frolic. No, it’s by no means so.  We will have varied sorts of competition enjoyments however with out ever inflicting issues to others and to the surroundings. There are ample mentions of enjoyable and frolic, merrymaking even within the religious actions — like Krishna Lila, Ram Lila…; and there exist limitless nritya shashtras for wholesome recreation. However all of them are throughout the “purview of Dharma”. Historic sages of their meditation conceived and authored quite a few treatises wherein we discover the flowery approaches and procedures to evolve oneself spiritually by means of fun-filled dances and music. There are “ragas and layas” (musical modes and rhythm), which are supposed to “recharge” the thoughts for the meditative focus. The target behind being to climb up the ladders of realization of oneness and common uniformity.
Nevertheless, there’s completely no scope or prescription for deriving pleasure or enjoyable by inflicting ache and anxieties to others? How come bursting excessive decibel fireworks at 2 AM or three AM or four AM is Puja? In actual fact, it’s known as “adharma” or irreligion resulting in self-degeneration.
Due to this fact, it’s DIYA, as per Vedas, which symbolizes the LIGHT to dispel the darkness of ignorance, the darkness of vices, and convey forth the sunshine of data to awake the “inherent” divinity. Goddess Laxmi is the “flame” of female ENERGY within the infinite cosmic creation. So, indulging in earsplitting fireworks and inflicting steady drawback to HER creatures, and HER surroundings, is completely towards the basic rules of devotion in Hinduism. Very sadly, with the blasting of the fireworks within the identify of Goddess Laxmi now we have invariably set off the tank of vices solely.
Yours and so forth.,
Salil Gewali

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