Premier League fixtures, outcomes, TV schedule, scores: Manchester Metropolis places strain on Liverpool

Premier League fixtures, results, TV schedule, scores: Manchester City puts pressure on Liverpool

The Premier League season has kicked into excessive gear as we march by way of the autumn and into the winter. People watching the world-class soccer league throughout the pond have been itching to see 21-year-old Christian Pulisic in motion for Chelsea. Meantime, Liverpool is trying to knock off Manchester Metropolis off the highest of the hill after the Sky Blues captured back-to-back Premier League titles. Man Metropolis’s neighbors, Manchester United, is within the midst of a three-year rebuild the place it hopes to regain its dominance on the worldwide stage. There’s loads of storylines week in and week out because the Massive Six combat for the highest 4 spots of the league whereas perennial mid-table golf equipment look to make some noise and crash the get together. Beneath you will discover the total schedule with begin occasions and TV data for each matchweek.Each match obtainable on NBC, CNBC or NBCSN will be streamed by way of fuboTV (Attempt totally free).(All occasions are U.S./Jap)Matchweek 11Bournemouth 1, Manchester United 0 Arsenal 1, Wolves 1Liverpool 2, Aston Villa 1Newcastle 3, West Ham 2Sheffield United 3, Burnley 0Brighton 2, Norwich metropolis 0Manchester Metropolis 2, Southampton 1Chelsea 2, Watford 1SundayLeicester Metropolis 2, Crystal Palace 0Everton 1, Tottenham 1Matchweek 12Nov. 8-11 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Burnley vs. West HamChelsea vs. Crystal PalaceLiverpool vs. Manchester CityNewcastle United vs. BournemouthNorwich Metropolis vs. WatfordSouthampton vs. EvertonSpurs vs. Sheffield UnitedWolves vs. Aston VillaLeicester Metropolis vs. ArsenalManchester United vs. BrightonMatchweek 13Nov. 22-25 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Bournemouth vs. WolvesArsenal vs. SouthamptonAston Villa vs. Newcastle UnitedBrighton vs. Leicester CityCrystal Palace vs. LiverpoolEverton vs. Norwich CityManchester Metropolis vs. ChelseaSheffield United vs. Manchester UnitedWatford vs. BurnleyWest Ham vs. Spurs

Matchweek 14Nov. 29-Dec. 2 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)  Burnley vs. Crystal PalaceChelsea vs. West HamLeicester Metropolis vs. EvertonLiverpool vs. BrightonNewcastle United vs. Manchester CitySouthampton vs. WatfordSpurs vs. BournemouthWolves vs. Sheffield UnitedManchester United vs. Aston VillaNorwich Metropolis vs. ArsenalMatchweek 15Tuesday, Dec. 3Arsenal vs. Brighton, 2:45 p.m.Burnley vs. Manchester Metropolis, 2:45 p.m.Leicester Metropolis vs. Watford, 2:45 p.m.Sheffield United vs. Newcastle United, 2:45 p.m.Wolves vs. West Ham, 2:45 p.m.Manchester United vs. Spurs, Three p.m.Wednesday, Dec. 4Chelsea vs. Aston Villa, 2:45 p.m.Southampton vs. Norwich Metropolis, 2:45 p.m.Crystal Palace vs. Bournemouth, Three p.m.Liverpool vs. Everton, Three p.m.Matchweek 16Dec. 6-9 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)    Bournemouth vs. LiverpoolAston Villa vs. Leicester CityBrighton vs. WolvesEverton vs. ChelseaManchester Metropolis vs. Manchester UnitedNewcastle United vs. SouthamptonNorwich Metropolis vs. Sheffield UnitedSpurs vs. BurnleyWatford vs. Crystal PalaceWest Ham vs. Arsenal

Matchweek 17Dec. 13-16 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)      Arsenal vs. Manchester CityBurnley vs. Newcastle UnitedChelsea vs. BournemouthCrystal Palace vs. BrightonLeicester Metropolis vs. Norwich CityLiverpool vs. WatfordManchester United vs. EvertonSheffield United vs. Aston VillaSouthampton vs. West HamWolves vs. SpursMatchweek 18Dec. 20-23 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed) Bournemouth vs. BurnleyAstron Villa vs. SouthamptonBrighton vs. Sheffield UnitedEverton vs. ArsenalManchester Metropolis vs. Leicester CityNewcastle United vs. Crystal PalaceNorwich Metropolis vs. WolvesSpurs vs. ChelseaWatford vs. Manchester UnitedWest Ham vs. Liverpool     Matchweek 19Thursday, Dec. 26 (occasions not but confirmed)Bournemouth vs. ArsenalAston Villa vs. Norwich CityChelsea vs. SouthamptonCrystal Palace vs. West HamEverton vs. BurnleyLeicester Metropolis vs. LiverpoolManchester United vs. Newcastle UnitedSheffield United vs. WatfordSpurs vs. BrightonWolves vs. Manchester CityMatchweek 20Dec. 28-29 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed) Arsenal vs. ChelseaBrighton vs. BournemouthBurnley vs. Manchester UnitedLiverpool vs. WolvesManchester Metropolis vs. Sheffield UnitedNewcastle United vs. EvertonNorwich vs. SpursSouthampton vs. Crystal PalaceWatford vs. Aston VillaWest Ham vs. Leicester Metropolis  

Matchweek 21Jan. 1-Three window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)   Arsenal vs. Manchester UnitedBrighton vs. ChelseaBurnley vs. Aston VillaLiverpool vs. Sheffield UnitedManchester Metropolis vs. EvertonNewcastle United vs. Leicester CityNorwich Metropolis vs. Crystal PalaceSouthampton vs. SpursWatford vs. WolvesWest Ham vs. BournemouthMatchweek 22Jan. 11-13 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)     Bournemouth vs. WatfordAston Villa vs. Manchester CityChelsea vs. BurnleyCrystal Palace vs. ArsenalEverton vs. BrightonLeicester Metropolis vs. SouthamptonManchester United vs. Norwich CitySheffield United vs. West HamSpurs vs. LiverpoolWolves vs. Newcastle UnitedMatchweek 23Jan. 17-20 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)       Arsenal vs. Sheffield UnitedBrighton vs. Aston VillaBurnley vs. Leicester CityLiverpool vs. Manchester UnitedManchester Metropolis vs. Crystal PalaceNewcastle United vs. ChelseaNorwich Metropolis vs. BournemouthSouthampton vs. WolvesWatford vs. SpursWest Ham vs. EvertonMatchweek 24Tuesday, Jan. 21Bournemouth vs. Brighton, 2:45 p.m.Aston Villa vs. Watford, 2:45 p.m. Everton vs. Newcastle United, 2:45 p.m. Leicester Metropolis vs. West Ham, 2:45 p.m. Sheffield United vs. Manchester Metropolis, 2:45 p.m. Wolves vs. Liverpool, 2:45 p.m. Manchester United vs. Burnley, Three p.m.

Wednesday, Jan. 22Chelsea vs. Arsenal, 2:45 p.m. Spurs vs. Norwich Metropolis, 2:45 p.m. Crystal Palace vs. Southampton, Three p.m.Matchweek 25Jan. 31-Feb. Three window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Bournemouth vs. Aston VillaBurnley vs. ArsenalCrystal Palace vs. Sheffield UnitedLeicester Metropolis vs. ChelseaLiverpool vs. SouthamptonManchester United vs. WolvesNewcastle United vs. Norwich CitySpurs vs. Manchester CityWatford vs. EvertonWest Ham vs. BrightonMatchweek 26Feb. 7-10 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Arsenal vs. Newcastle UnitedAston Villa vs. SpursBrighton vs. WatfordChelsea vs. Manchester UnitedEverton vs. Crystal PalaceManchester Metropolis vs. West HamNorwich Metropolis vs. LiverpoolSheffield United vs. BournemouthSouthampton vs. BurnleyWolves vs. Leicester CityMatchweek 27Feb. 21-24 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)  Arsenal vs. EvertonBurnley vs. BournemouthChelsea vs. SpursCrystal Palace vs. Newcastle UnitedLeicester Metropolis vs. Manchester CityLiverpool vs. West HamManchester United vs. WatfordSheffield United vs. BrightonSouthampton vs. Aston VillaWolves vs. Norwich

Matchweek 28Feb. 28-March 2 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)  Bournemouth vs. ChelseaAston Villa vs. Sheffield UnitedBrighton vs. Crystal PalaceEverton vs. Manchester UnitedManchester Metropolis vs. ArsenalNewcastle United vs. BurnleyNorwich Metropolis vs. Leicester CitySpurs vs. WolvesWatford vs. LiverpoolWest Ham vs. SouthamptonMatchweek 29March 6-9 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)    Arsenal vs. West HamBurnley vs. SpursChelsea vs. EvertonCrystal Palace vs. WatfordLeicester Metropolis vs. Aston VillaLiverpool vs. BournemouthManchester United vs. Manchester CitySheffield United vs. Norwich CitySouthampton vs. Newcastle UnitedWolves vs. BrightonMatchweek 30March 13-16 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)      Bournemouth vs. Crystal PalaceAston Villa vs. ChelseaBrighton vs. ArsenalEverton vs. LiverpoolManchester Metropolis vs. BurnleyNewcastle United vs. Sheffield UnitedNorwich Metropolis vs. SouthamptonSpurs vs. Manchester UnitedWatford vs. Leicester CityWest Ham vs. WolvesMatchweek 31March 20-23 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)        Burnley vs. WatfordChelsea vs. Manchester CityLeicester Metropolis vs. BrightonLiverpool vs. Crystal PalaceManchester United vs. Sheffield UnitedNewcastle United vs. Aston VillaNorwich Metropolis vs. EvertonSouthampton vs. ArsenalSpurs vs. West HamWolves vs. Bournemouth

Matchweek 32April 3-6 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)        Bournemouth vs. Newcastle United  Arsenal vs. Norwich CityAston Villa vs. WolvesBrighton vs. Manchester UnitedCrystal Palace vs. BurnleyEverton vs. Leicester CityManchester Metropolis vs. LiverpoolSheffield United vs. SpursWatford vs. SouthamptonWest Ham vs. ChelseaMatchweek 33April 10-13 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)          Burnley vs. Sheffield UnitedChelsea vs. WatfordLeicester Metropolis vs. Crystal PalaceLiverpool vs. Aston VillaManchester United vs. BournemouthNewcastle United vs. West HamNorwich Metropolis vs. BrightonSouthampton vs. Manchester CitySpurs vs. EvertonWolves vs. ArsenalMatchweek 34April 17-20 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Bournemouth vs. SpursArsenal vs. Leicester CityAston Villa vs. Manchester UnitedBrighton vs. LiverpoolCrystal Palace vs. ChelseaEverton vs. SouthamptonManchester Metropolis vs. Newcastle UnitedSheffield United vs. WolvesWatford vs. Norwich CityWest Ham vs. BurnleyMatchweek 35April 24-27 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Bournemouth vs. Leicester CityAston Villa vs. Crystal PalaceBrighton vs. Manchester CityLiverpool vs. BurnleyManchester United vs. SouthamptonNorwich Metropolis vs. West HamSheffield United vs. ChelseaSpurs vs. ArsenalWatford vs. NewcastleWolves vs. Everton

Matchweek 36Might 1-Four window (dates and occasions not but confirmed) Arsenal vs. LiverpoolBurnley vs. WolvesChelsea vs. Norwich CityCrystal Palace vs. Manchester UnitedEverton vs. Aston VillaLeicester Metropolis vs. Sheffield UnitedManchester Metropolis vs. BournemouthNewcastle United vs. SpursSouthampton vs. BrightonWest Ham vs. WatfordMatchweek 37Might 8-11 window (dates and occasions not but confirmed)Bournemouth vs. SouthamptonAston Villa vs. ArsenalBrighton vs. Newcastle UnitedLiverpool vs. ChelseaManchester United vs. West HamNorwich Metropolis vs. BurnleySheffield United vs. EvertonSpurs vs. LeicesterWatford vs. Manchester CityWolves vs. Crystal PalaceMatchweek 38Sunday, Might 17Arsenal vs. Watford, 10 a.m.Burnley vs. Brighton, 10 a.m.Chelsea vs. Wolves, 10 a.m.Crystal Palace vs. Spurs, 10 a.m.Everton vs. Bournemouth, 10 a.m. Leicester Metropolis vs. Manchester United, 10 a.m.Manchester Metropolis vs. Norwich, 10 a.m.Newcastle United vs. Liverpool, 10 a.m.Southampton vs. Sheffield United, 10 a.m.West Ham vs. Aston Villa, 10 a.m.Accomplished matchesMatchweek 10Friday, Oct. 25Leicester Metropolis 9, Southampton 0Saturday, Oct. 26Manchester Metropolis 3, Aston Villa 0Brighton 3, Everton 2Watford 0, Bournemouth 0West Ham 1, Sheffield United 1Chelsea 4, Burnley 2Sunday, Oct. 27Newcastle United 1, Wolves 1Arsenal 2, Crystal Palace 2Liverpool 2, Spurs 1.Manchester United 3, Norwich 1

Matchweek 9Saturday, Oct. 19  Everton 2, West Ham 0 Bournemouth 0, Norwich Metropolis 0Aston Villa 2, Brighton 1Chelsea 1, Newcastle United 0 Spurs 1, Watford 1   Wolves 1, Southampton  Leicester Metropolis 2, Burnley 1Manchester Metropolis 2, Crystal Palace 0Sunday, Oct. 20Manchester United 1, Liverpool 1Monday, Oct. 21Sheffield United 1, Arsenal 0Matchweek 8Saturday, Oct. 5Brighton 3, Spurs 0Burnley 1, Everton 0Liverpool 2, Leicester Metropolis 1Aston Villa 5, Norwich Metropolis 1Watford 0, Sheffield United 0Crystal Palace 2, West Ham 1Sunday, Oct. 6Wolves 2, Manchester Metropolis 0Arsenal 1, Bournemouth 0Chelsea 4, Southampton 1Newcastle 1, Manchester United 0Matchweek 7Saturday, Sept. 28Liverpool 1, Sheffield United 0Bournemouth 2, West Ham 2Aston Villa 2, Burnley 2Chelsea 2, Brighton 0Crystal Palace 2, Norwich Metropolis 0Spurs 2, Southampton 1Wolves 2, Watford 0Manchester Metropolis 3, Everton 1Sunday, Sept. 29Leicester Metropolis 5, Newcastle United 0Monday, Sept. 30Manchester United 1, Arsenal 1Matchweek 6Friday, Sept. 20Bournemouth 3, Southampton 1Saturday, Sept. 21Leicester Metropolis 2, Spurs 1Burnley 2, Norwich Metropolis 0Sheffield United 2, Everton 0Manchester Metropolis 8, Watford 0Newcastle United 0, Brighton 0Sunday, Sept. 22Crystal Palace 1, Wolves 1West Ham 2, Manchester United 0Arsenal 3, Aston Villa 2 Liverpool 2, Chelsea 1Matchweek 5Saturday, Sept. 14Liverpool 3, Newcastle United 1Brighton 1, Burnley 1Manchester United 1, Leicester Metropolis 0Southampton 1, Sheffield United 0Spurs 4, Crystal Palace 0Chelsea 5, Wolves 2Norwich Metropolis 3, Manchester Metropolis 2  Sunday, Sept. 15Bournemouth 3, Everton 1Watford 2, Arsenal 2  Monday, Sept. 16Aston Villa vs. West Ham, Three p.m. (NBCSN)Matchweek 4Saturday, Aug. 31Manchester United 1, Southampton 1Chelsea 2, Sheffield United 2Crystal Palace 1, Aston Villa 0Leicester Metropolis 3, Bournemouth 1Manchester Metropolis 4, Brighton 0Newcastle United 1, Watford 1West Ham 2, Norwich Metropolis 0Liverpool 3, Burnley 0  Sunday, Sept. 1Everton 3, Wolves 2Arsenal 2, Spurs 2Matchweek 3Friday, Aug. 23Aston Villa 2, Everton 0Saturday, Aug. 24Chelsea 3, Norwich Metropolis 2Southampton 2, Brighton 0Crystal Palace 2, Manchester United 1Leicester Metropolis 2, Sheffield United 1West Ham 3, Watford 1Liverpool 3, Arsenal 1  Sunday, Aug. 25Manchester Metropolis 3, Bournemouth 1Wolves 1, Burnley 1Newcastle 1, Spurs 0Matchweek 2Saturday, Aug. 17Arsenal 2, Burnley 1Bournemouth 2, Aston Villa 1Brighton 1, West Ham 1Everton 1, Watford 0Norwich Metropolis 3, Newcastle United 1Liverpool 2, Southampton 1Manchester Metropolis 2, Spurs 2  Sunday, Aug. 18Sheffield United 1, Crystal Palace 0Chelsea 1, Leicester Metropolis 1Monday, Aug. 19Wolves 1, Manchester United 1Matchday 1Friday, Aug. 9Liverpool 4, Norwich Metropolis 1Saturday, Aug. 10Manchester Metropolis 5, West Ham 0Bournemouth 1, Sheffield United 1Burnley 3, Southampton 0Crystal Palace 0, Everton 0Brighton 3, Watford 0Spurs 3, Aston Villa 1Sunday, Aug. 11Leicester Metropolis 0, Wolves 0Arsenal 1, Newcastle United 0Manchester United 4, Chelsea 0

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