On the eve of Wang Hongwei’s election, the big blue star gathered on the scene, and the 3,500 seats were crowded | Yonhap News Network

On the eve of Wang Hongwei’s election, the big blue star gathered on the scene, and the 3,500 seats were crowded | Yonhap News Network

towernorth cityThree wards (Kitamatsuyama, Nakayama)parliamentary by-electionTomorrow’s vote hosted by the Taipei Municipal Party Headquarters at Rongxing Garden in BeishiWang HongweiThe night before the election, “Victory Night,” became a big campaign, and 3,500 chairs were prepared for the party, and the party began at 7:00. kept urging votes, please do it tomorrow to come out and vote.

Huang Lu Jinru, chairman of the municipal party committee, pointed out that Wang Hongwei was not only a general of the Kuomintang, but also the first political opinion to expose the plagiarism case and catch many fake doctors. 6,000 yuan in cash per person, she should be sent to the Legislative Yuan.

On the eve of tonight’s general election, the blue camp has not only former President Ma Ying-jeou but also big names such as Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng and Keelung Mayor Xie Guoliang. On the night before the election, mayor Hou Yui came to help Wang Hongwei stand twice. Mayor Lu Xiuyan also came to his aid several times. Wang Hongwei’s two campaign videos were played live.north cityMember of ParliamentAlso mobilized, parliamentary party group secretary Qin Huizhu said 19 parliamentarians participated in Wang Hongwei’s pre-election campaign tonight.

In his speech, Chairman Dai Xiqin thanked him for being willing to stand up during the holidays on this last important night, giving Wang Hongwei warmth and giving hope to the Republic of China. The deputies on stage are all the best of the Kuomintang, the best generation of the Mesozoic Era, Wang Hongwei is a good colleague on the council, and she has made great achievements in her 16-year career as a councilor . She is a city councilor in the capital, but in last year’s election, Wang Hongwei exposed the problem of fake academic background and indirectly exposed the filth of the local government in the green camp.Wang Hongwei is no longer just a city councilor.

Blue and green celebrities gathered to play women’s cards on the eve of the Miishi Legislative Council election

The by-election of the members of Taipei City’s third constituency was voted today.On the eve of the election of Kuomintang candidate Wang Hongwei, Kuomintang leader Zhu Lil-lung, former president Ma Ying-jeou, and Taipei mayor Jiang Henan led the blue camp…

2024 Squamish blue and green anti-domino effect

With the by-election for Taipei’s third constituency announced tonight, it’s a battle that neither blue nor green can lose. If the green camp loses three straight losses, the party’s infighting and cabinet turmoil will accelerate, and Vice President Lai Qingde has not yet taken over the party…

On the eve of the election, 8,000 people gathered.

Taipei City’s Zhongshan legislative election and North Songshan legislative election will be held tomorrow, Kuomintang candidate Wang Hongwei will hold the final sprint on the eve of the election, and the “Victory Night” held by the Qingcheng Party Headquarters will gather celebrities, give a speech. now…

“Jiang Wan’an took over the baton, and Wang Hongwei took over!” On the eve of the election, big names gathered in the final sprint

By-elections for Taipei City’s Zhongshan and Beisongshan legislatures will be held tomorrow, KMT candidate Wang Hongwei will make his final sprint on the eve of the election, and celebrities will gather at the “Victory Night” held by Qingcheng Party Headquarters. , to support the remarks. yells…

More than 260,000 people can vote in Taipei’s 3rd district council by-election

The by-election for the third constituency of Taipei City will begin tomorrow, with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Wu Yi-Neng, KMT’s Wang Hong-Wei, and non-partisan Xiao Wa-Lin competing.

On the eve of Wang Hongwei’s election, a big blue star gathered on the scene, crowding 3,500 seats

The parliamentary by-election of Taipei City’s third constituency (Northern Songshan, Zhongshan) will be voted tomorrow. On-site preparation…

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