Myths and Information related to transmission of Hepatitis virus

Myths and Facts associated with transmission of Hepatitis virus

New Delhi: Hepatitis means irritation of the liver generally brought on by viral an infection. In India, over 40 million persons are chronically contaminated with Hepatitis B and 12 million are affected by Hepatitis C. We unfastened over 50,000 people yearly because of liver failure because of hepatitis.
Dr. Avnish Seth, Director, Gastroenterology & Hepatobiliary Sciences, Fortis Memorial Analysis Institute, Gurugram debunks the myths and states the information round this situation:
Delusion 1: All Hepatitis viruses are the sameFact: Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E are completely different viruses with completely different modes of transmission and medical manifestations. Whereas Hepatitis A and E are transmitted by ingestion of contaminated meals, Hepatitis B and C are transmitted by blood transfusion, unprotected intercourse and tattoos. Hepatitis D is uncommon in India and happens solely in some sufferers with Hepatitis B.
Delusion 2: Hepatitis A is the most typical explanation for hepatitis in adults in IndiaFact: By the age of 10 years, greater than 95 % kids are already optimistic for Hepatitis A ,indicating poor hygiene and sanitation within the nation. Hepatitis E is the most typical explanation for Acute Viral Hepatitis in adults in India. Unhygienic road meals is the most important wrongdoer.
Delusion 3: One can differentiate between numerous varieties of acute viral hepatitis primarily based on medical symptomsFact: Sufferers develop fever adopted by lack of urge for food, excessive colored urine and vomiting. Jaundice often lasts for two to three weeks and the kind of virus inflicting the sickness could be differentiated solely by blood checks.
Delusion 4: All hepatitis could be handed on from father or mother to little one.Truth: Hepatitis is just not a genetic illness and isn’t inherited. Nevertheless, Hepatitis B is commonly transmitted from mom to little one throughout the birthing course of. Transmission could be prevented if vaccine and immunoglobulin are administered to the new child inside 12 hours of beginning. Mom to little one transmission of Hepatitis C is uncommon.
Delusion 5: Hepatitis virus A and E can unfold with-in the familyFact: By the point jaundice seems the affected person stops shedding virus in stool and turns into non-infectious. Epidemics of Hepatitis E often consequence from contamination of a water supply with sewage.
Delusion 6: Vaccine is on the market in opposition to all varieties of Hepatitis virusFact: Vaccine is on the market solely in opposition to Hepatitis A and B
Delusion 7: One ought to restrict oneself to solely bland and boiled meals throughout hepatitisFact: Good vitamin is necessary throughout hepatitis. Within the presence of nausea and vomiting, regardless of the affected person needs to eat must be welcome. Glucose resolution, sugarcane juice, bitter gourd, radish usually are not really helpful. Consumption of turmeric needn’t be restricted because it has anti-inflammatory properties.
Delusion 8: Breastfeeding is unsafe throughout Hepatitis?Truth: Breastfeeding is protected as Hepatitis virus can’t be transmitted to the infant by breast milk.
Delusion 9: Tattooing and piercing don’t transmit Hepatitis B and CFact: Use of unsterile sharp devices for procedures like tattooing, piercing, face cleansing, manicure, pedicure could transmit the viruses.
Delusion 10: It’s protected to devour alcohol as quickly because the jaundice disappearsFact: The liver takes as much as 6 months to restore itself. Alcohol must be prevented for six months after Hepatitis A and E and for all times in sufferers who develop Continual Hepatitis B or C.

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