My wife screams! It’s time to talk about the symptoms of ‘Es Cantapon’, which has made his heart beat for 45 minutes and killed him up to twice, but so far there is no good news.


My wife was able to calm down, detailed the symptoms of “Es Cantapon” and told her the date of the heart pump for 45 minutes. However, no definite cause or cure has been found yet. There is no good news at this time as we don’t know when we will recover, but critical symptoms should be monitored daily. Thank you for all your encouragement.we fight together

after the young hero “S Kanthapon Bumrunrak”He lost consciousness during the May 9 event, and to this day, government agencies such as Channel 7 and his family have not disclosed any cause or course of treatment.

But the latest today (May 20th) “Christina Winkler”Mr. Young S’s wife recorded a video clip revealing the cause and symptoms at the moment, and released it on the Instagram channel of a person named thekittyway, saying that the disease had not been made public before. Because he’s still undecided, but now he’s ready to talk.

“Hello, today I would like to tell you about Mr. Est’s past. Because there is still a crisis

We are deeply saddened and worried about this situation. As for Valentina, she was always crying and calling her father. But I will try to be strong for you.

But now I think it’s time for me and my family to come out and tell you all the details about Mr. Ace. I know everyone is waiting for good news. However, there is no good news at this time as his illness is still serious. But I want to open up and talk more about the current situation. As we all know, before the incident, my husband went to work as a moderator for the Big Debate by Ch7 event held at Siam Paragon. While at work she suddenly had her heart stop and she was given emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation and she was taken to the nearest hospital. It takes a very long time to make his heart beat and save his life By the time his heart started to beat again, it took about 19 minutes of CPR in Siam and a total of 45 minutes of CPR in the ambulance. rice field. I would like to thank the team of paramedics for their perseverance and perseverance. To save your life, S. and his makeup artist Pi Ya decided to choose the nearest hospital to save their lives. This decision should save Ace’s life.

His condition remained critical since he was hospitalized. And the other day, while he was having complications with his heart, Mr. Esto had another heart problem. And the doctor saved his life again. Initially, doctors treating Kung S. confirmed that he had suffered a heart attack. But nothing more can be specified.

Because it is and is in the process of healing. The doctor told me that Mr. S’s symptoms needed to be monitored ‘daily’, but that no clear cause or cure had yet been found. It is not yet known how long I will have to stay in the ICU or when I will be fully recovered.

Now we would like to thank you for all the kindnesses we have received. I would like to thank everyone who helped my husband out of the incident, especially Channel 7 for helping and caring for Kung S. Like her own family both for her medical bills and for her encouragement because S has always worked hard and has always done her best for Channel 7. S loves her work so much.

And finally, I would like to thank the medical staff for taking good care of Kung S. And to all my fans and friends who send me encouragement. We will always stand by Ace and fight together. “

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