Meteorology warns about the weather for the next few days and provides advice to the public.Video – Day 7

Meteorology warns about the weather for the next few days and provides advice to the public.Video – Day 7

Mahmoud Al-Kayati, a member of the media center of the Directorate General of Meteorology, said temperatures were 31 degrees Celsius in Cairo and 26 degrees on the north coast, with the country witnessing stable weather conditions in all regions today on Monday. It was revealed that 38 degrees in southern Upper Egypt.

And a member of the Meteorological Directorate’s Media Center said in an exclusive statement to “Day 7” that wind speeds were moderate in most areas, with occasional briskness in southern Upper Egypt, causing sand and dust there. He added that there are. Also, the chance of rainfall recedes in the southern regions of the Red Sea Mountains, and light rain is possible.

He pointed out that tomorrow Tuesday, water fog is expected from the north of the Republic to Lower Egypt and Cairo, with temperatures in Cairo reaching 33 degrees Celsius.

The country has been hit by a five-year recession, with temperatures rising gradually since Wednesday, first affecting the western part of the republic, moving inland on Thursday, and peaking on Thursday, he said. clarified. Cairo is 37 degrees, Southern Upper Egypt is 42 degrees.

He said next Thursday would be accompanied by wind activity, bringing sand and dust to the north coast, Lower Egypt and northern Upper Egypt, which could reach into urban Cairo.

Prime Minister Al-Qayati gave a number of important advices such as wearing masks consistent with expected high temperatures, staying away from exposed areas and being careful not to be exposed to direct sunlight due to wind activity. instructed the public. The days to come.

Tomorrow Tuesday, the Meteorological Office expects mild weather early in the morning, hot during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, South Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, hot on the northern coast and very hot in the southern part of Upper Egypt. doing. In Egypt, the nights are pleasant at the beginning, but cold at the end along the coast, and mild in the north and elsewhere.

Limited wind activity in some areas tomorrow, with wet clouds in the morning on some roads to Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the north coast, and light rain and thunder in southern Sinai It is also expected. and the Red Sea Mountains to the south.

Temperatures for tomorrow Tuesday are 33°C high and 22°C low in Cairo, 28°C high and 19°C low in Alexandria, 26°C high and 18°C ​​low in Matrouh, and 18°C ​​low in Sohag. Maximum temperature is 37°C, minimum temperature is 23°C, Qena has a maximum temperature of 37°C, minimum temperature is 24°C, and Aswan has a maximum temperature of 39°C. The minimum temperature is 26 degrees.

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