It has been decided that the Korean manga “One day I will become a princess” will be made into a Chinese anime, but it seems that the title and plot of the work have been magically changed.


Korean comic “Someday Become a Princess” (어느날공주가되어버렸다), based on the original by Plutus and Spoon, is produced by China’s iQiyi and Kuaikan APP and produced by “Full-time Master” and “Colored Pencil Anime”. animation will start. , also titled “A Little Trouble with the Magical Princess”, has released a new trailer.

The original novel “Someday I Became a Princess” has been serialized since 2017, and has been published in the United States, China, France, Taiwan, Japan, etc. since 2018. It has been selected as a voting activity for Anime Japan’s “Manga Ranking for Animated Manga”.

However, according to the introduction of the Chinese anime version (Original link is restricted to viewing Chinese IP) has a slightly different plot between the original and the anime version.

Original synopsis introduction (Taiwan WEBTOON version)

One day, when she woke up, she was a princess! It’s wonderful to be born with a golden spoon in her mouth~ But why is she a tragic princess destined to be killed by her biological father? Cruel Emperor Claude who has no tears! If you want to stay alive, don’t let him know. However, the emperor catches Athanasia’s attention, saying, “Since when did such an insect live in our town?” Can I survive? “What should I do…?”

Synopsis of the Chinese anime version

Shea, the princess of the Magic Kingdom, has unique eyes like jewels. She found that her own dreams seemed to foretell the future. On her eighteenth birthday, she was embroiled in a horrific conspiracy. Her father was nearly killed by black magic, and she was exiled far away. Her introverted and cold-hearted father, a narcissistic and poisonous magician, a loyal knight, the only son of a gentle and shy duke, a young girl who seeks affection, and more… The Brave and Gentle Shea Can you reverse your fate and protect yourself and all the people you care about?

And Chinese Kuaikan APP“One day, I became a princess” official comic versionThe title has not been changed, and the synopsis is relatively similar to the original Korean version.

There is no official answer as to why the anime version changed the title and plot of the work, but it is speculated that it may be related to local censorship policies. Although China’s radio and television ban does not explicitly ban the theme of “Rinne Tensei”, Japan’s “Let’s be a Novelist” and the “JINKE Novel Awards” organized by China’s Jinke Culture According to the regulations of , it is expressly prohibited to submit works that refer to reincarnation. Another world (defined as “starting a second life”), the “one day I’ll be a princess” name change might be a precaution.

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