2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup: Lithuania

2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup: Lithuania

Lithuania is staging the ninth FIFA Futsal World Cup, working till 3 October after postponement from 2020. The hosts are amongst 24 finalists, together with six different European qualifiers: the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Soccer Union of Russia*, Serbia and Spain.*Soccer Union of Russia, being the member affiliation of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the World Anti-Doping Code and a December 2020 choice by the Courtroom of Arbitration for Sport, this workforce is taking part within the FIFA Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021 as impartial athletes of its nationwide sports activities federation.

By means of to spherical of 16 thus far: Kazakhstan, VenezuelaVenuesKaunas ArenaVilnius ArenaKlaipėda ArenaScheduleGroup stage: 12–20 SeptemberRound of 16: 22–24 SeptemberQuarter-finals: 26–27 SeptemberSemi-finals: 29–30 SeptemberFinal/third-place match: 3 OctoberGroup stageGroup A: Kazakhstan (by way of), Venezuela (debut, by way of), Lithuania (hosts, debut), Costa Rica12 September: Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica (Kaunas), Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela (Kaunas)15 September: Costa Rica 0-1 Venezuela (Kaunas), Lithuania 0-3 Kazakhstan (Kaunas)18 September: Costa Rica vs Lithuania (Kanuas), Venezuela vs Kazakstan (Vilnius)Group B: Soccer Union of Russia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Guatemala

Artem Niyazov’s hat-trick gave the Soccer Union of Russia a second winFIFA through Getty Images12 September: Soccer Union of Russia 9-0 Egypt (Vilnius), Uzbekistan 4-5 Guatemala (Vilnius)15 September: Egypt 6-3 Guatemala (Vilnius), Uzbekistan 2-4 Soccer Union of Russia (Vilnius)18 September: Egypt vs Uzbekistan (Vilnius), Guatemala vs Soccer Union of Russia (Kaunas)Group C: Thailand, Portugal, Morocco, Solomon Islands13 September: Morocco 6-0 Solomon Islands (Kaunas), Thailand 1-4 Portugal (Kaunas)16 September: Solomon Islands vs Portugal (Kanuas), Thailand vs Morocco (Kaunas)19 September: Solomon Islands vs Thailand (Kaunas), Portugal vs Morocco (Klaipėda)

Michal Seidler bought a hat-trick within the Czech win in opposition to PanamaFIFA through Getty ImagesGroup D: Panama, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Brazil13 September: Vietman 1-9 Brazil (Klaipėda), Panama 1-5 Czech Republic (Klaipėda)16 September: Brazil vs Czech Republic (Klaipėda), Panama vs Vietnam (Klaipėda)19 September: Brazil vs Panama (Klaipėda), Czech Republic vs Vietnam (Kaunas)Group E: Angola (debut), Japan, Paraguay, Spain14 September: Paraguay 0-4 Spain (Klaipėda), Angola 4-8 Japan (Klaipėda)17 September: Spain vs Japan (Klaipėda), Angola vs Paraguay (Klaipėda)20 September: Spain vs Angola (Klaipėda), Japan vs Paraguay (Vilnius)

Adolfo celebrates scoring for Spain in opposition to ParaguayFIFA through Getty ImagesGroup F: Argentina (holders), United States, Serbia, Iran14 September: Serbia 2-3 Iran (Vilnius), Argentina 11-0 United States (Vilnius)17 September: Iran vs United States (Vilnius), Argentina vs Serbia (Vilnius)20 September: Iran vs Argentina (Vilnius), United States vs Serbia (Klaipėda)The highest two in every group and the 4 finest third-place groups will advance to the knockout part.Knockout phaseRound of 161 22 September: 1B vs 3ACD (Vilnius)2 22 September: 2A vs 2C (Kanuas)3 23 September: 1D vs 3BEF (Kaunas)4 23 September: 1F vs 2E (Kanuas)5 23 September: 1A vs 3CDE (Vilnius)6 24 September: 2B vs 2F (Vilnius)7 24 September: 1C vs 3ABF (Kaunas)8 24 September: 1E vs 2D (Vilnius)Quarter-finalsQF1 26 September: Winner 2 vs Winner 3 (Vilnius)QF2 26 September: Winner 1 vs Winner 4 (Kaunas)QF3 27 September: Winner 7 vs Winner 6 (Vilnius)QF4 27 September: Winner 8 vs Winner 5 (Kaunas)Semi-finals29 September: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2 (Kaunas)30 September: Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4 (Kanuas)Third place match3 October (Kaunas)Final3 October (Kanuas)

Spain gained their second title in 2004AFP through Getty ImagesMeet the European contendersCZECH REPUBLICHow they certified: Principal spherical Group 8 runners-up, Elite spherical Group D runners-up, Play-off vs Croatia D2-2agg aet W6-5pensPrevious World Cup appearances: 3World Cup finest: second group stage (2004)Futsal EURO finest: third place (2003, 2010)KAZAKHSTANHow they certified: Principal spherical Group 5 winners, Elite spherical Group D winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 2World Cup finest: spherical of 16 (2016)Futsal EURO finest: third place (2016)LITHUANIAHow they certified: hostsPrevious World Cup appearances: 0Futsal EURO finest: by no means certified

European champions Portugal have fun qualifyingAndré Sanano/FPFPORTUGALHow they certified: Principal spherical Group 8 winners, Elite spherical Group A winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 5World Cup finest: third place (2000)Futsal EURO finest: winners (2018)FOOTBALL UNION OF RUSSIAHow they certified: Principal spherical Group 7 winners, Elite spherical Group C winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 6World Cup finest: runners-up (2016)Futsal EURO finest: winners (2001)SERBIAHow they certified: Principal spherical Group 6 winners, Elite spherical Group B runners-up, Play-off vs Finland W6-5aggPrevious World Cup appearances: 1World Cup finest: spherical of 16 (2012)Futsal EURO finest: fourth place (2016)SPAINHow they certified: Principal spherical Group 1 winners, Elite spherical Group B winnersPrevious World Cup appearances: 8 (most)World Cup finest: winners (2000, 2004)Futsal EURO finest: winners (1996, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2012, 2016)World Cup roll of honour2016: Argentina 5-4 Russia (Colombia)2012: Brazil 3-2 aet Spain (Thailand)2008: Brazil 2-2, 4-3 pens Spain (Brazil)2004: Spain 2-1 Italy (Chinese language Taipei)2000: Spain 4-3 Brazil (Guatemala)1996: Brazil 6-4 Spain (Spain)1992: Brazil 4-1 United States (Hong Kong)1989: Brazil 2-1 Netherlands (Netherlands)

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