“160cm.39kg” Sandara Park “My boyfriend”… Who is the bomb confession partner? [종합]


[OSEN=김수형 기자] Sandara Park appeared in ‘No Park Jae Hoon’ and attracted attention by conveying the ideal type from the cyber love story that broke through the prohibition of dating in the past (?).

On the 25th, a video was posted on the No Park Tak Jae Hoon channel under the title ‘Sandara Park, who is about to leave No Park’.

On this day, Sandara Park promoted Beer, saying, “I think it’s really hard even though I stopped drinking,” and said, “My boyfriend who came like Sungseok.” bottom.

When asked about his thoughts on marriage, he said, “I’m unmarried. I’ve seen a lot of people who failed to pay attention.・He made me burst out laughing by mentioning Jae-hoon. In addition, he said about his ideal type, “I like cute and tough younger men.” added.

In addition, Sandara Park, known as the news of the entertainment world. She was 40 years old, but she was surprised when she said that she was 160 cm tall and weighed 39 kg. When Tak Jae-hoon asked, “Isn’t he malnourished?” he laughed, “I’m healthy.” Also, when asked if his name is his real name, Sandara Park replied, “Korean name, Park Sandara.” I took a picture of, ”he said in the past. At the same time, he said that he had given up on his Filipino national sister and came to Korea. .

In addition, Sandara Park, who has been banned from dating for 5 years in 2NE1, said, “After my debut, it was really bad, I made a dash of various male celebrities, but when both presidents heard the rumors, they turned to the mobile phone network.” . At the same time, he laughed when he said, “I’m going to debut with my seniors and make my debut at 26, so I made a dash for both. I’m dating a celebrity, but there were no scandals.”

At this time, Tak Jae-hoon said, “Park So-hyun provided the information, but the boyfriend himself was not there.” I’m sorry I was pathetic.” I apologized. In addition, he said, “It was a car because we didn’t meet. It’s a sad story because we didn’t meet face to face.” But I didn’t receive it, it was a car, it was a celebrity,” he said behind the scenes.

Sandara Park, who hides a lot of strangers as much as he does Cyber ​​Lover. He said, “I couldn’t say that I am Yoo Jae-seok, who has become a spartan in the entertainment industry.” I have high hopes for the future. /[email protected]

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