This is How you can Select Your Sprays, Pastes and Liquids for Upkeep Work

This is How you can Select Your Sprays, Pastes and Liquids for Upkeep Work

Electrical terminals are infamous for corrosion, however a light-weight coating of Heavy Obligation Corrosion Inhibitor will forestall that.
Steve D’Antonio

Not way back, I ­really useful a ­corrosion-inhibiting product to a shopper, who replied: “I can’t maintain all these sprays, pastes and liquids straight. Are you able to make a listing of all these things and the place I’m supposed to make use of it?” What an important thought!

Corrosion Inhibitors

Corrosion is an amazing risk for metallic elements and gear. Over time, I’ve experimented with a wide range of merchandise, and have finally settled on two for many corrosion-prevention duties. In instances the place corrosion resistance and lightweight ­lubrication are useful, CRC’s 6-56 works nicely; it’s a light-weight, oil-like lubricant that coats and penetrates into surfaces that may already be barely rusted or corroded, comparable to shift and throttle elements, motor-mount adjustment studs, and steering sheave axles. Obtainable in an aerosol or refillable spray bottle, it’s mild and could be washed or wiped off, which is usually a blessing and a curse.  

Aluminum is greatest left unpainted, however whether it is for beauty causes, a corrosion inhibitor will protect the paint.
Steve D’Antonio

For more-durable corrosion safety, I flip to a different CRC product referred to as Heavy Obligation Corrosion Inhibitor. This aerosol spray goes on as a viscous liquid, which then dries to a waxy, barely cheesy consistency. It has no lubrication properties; nevertheless, it has endurance and might’t be washed or wiped off, however it may be eliminated with mineral spirits. It’s ideally suited to coating any metallic that wants corrosion safety, together with fasteners, couplings, below-deck windlass motors, gear containers and elements, in addition to batteries and different electrical connections.

Conductants and Dielectrics

These two gadgets, each of that are paste or jellylike, are technically opposites, however they’ll usually be used interchangeably. Thomas and Betts Koper Defend is a copper-­loaded grease designed to enhance conductivity between surfaces which can be clamped collectively—comparable to ring and battery terminals—whereas excluding air and moisture. As a result of the grease could be conductive, customers should be cautious to not apply it to the outside of connections the place bridging with different terminals may happen. Superlube’s Silicone Dielectric Grease is an insulator quite than a conductor; nevertheless, when positioned between contact surfaces, comparable to a hoop terminal and stud, it’s squeezed out of all however the precise contact areas, which as soon as once more excludes moisture and air. As a result of it’s not conductive, exterior utility and bridging are usually not a problem. Superlube can be ideally suited to lubrication of O-rings and different rubber elements, together with gaskets, water and fuel-deck-fill O-rings.


CRC’s 6-56 has already been talked about as a light-weight corrosion inhibitor; it’s additionally a superb lubricant. And it is sensible to maintain available as a penetrating oil that can be utilized to unlock rusted mild-steel fasteners, in addition to stainless fasteners put in in aluminum substrates. For this utility, I’ve used three merchandise, all with good outcomes: PB Blaster, Kroil and Liquid Wrench, in no explicit order of effectiveness.

A periodic squirt of CRC 6-56 on shift and throttle elements will maintain them working and rust-free.
Steve D’Antonio

Moreover, whereas an old-school treatment, frequent 20- or 30-weight motor oil, distributed from an oil can, can be utilized in a wide range of functions. I additionally maintain lighter-­weight oil, like transmission or hydraulic oil, in a “needle oiler”: a small bottle with a needlelike tip that can be utilized to dispense small measures of oil in a exact method.

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The ultimate lubricant worthy of point out is grease. Whereas the aforementioned Superlube product is a grease, it is extremely mild and simply wiped or washed off. A heavier, extra viscous, and stickier grease is usually wanted for windlasses and seacocks. For such functions, I want Lubrimatic’s Inexperienced Marine Wheel Bearing grease; with its appreciable endurance, it’s ideally suited to moist functions.

Thread Sealant

Threads are all over the place, from engines and gasoline techniques to raw- and potable-water plumbing. Wouldn’t or not it’s nice if one product could possibly be utilized in all of those functions? Thankfully, there may be one: LeakLock, made by Highside Chemical. With this product, versatile is an ­understatement, as a result of it’s secure for every part from ­gasoline and diesel to ­potable water and LP gas-threaded plumbing fittings.

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